We will have Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, Nov 6th at 5 PM; and Christmas dinner on Sunday, Dec 4th at 5 PM. The club will provide turkey on Thanksgiving and ham on Christmas and those who attend bring a dish.

We seem to have created some confusion with the change in the membership year. Our goal is to distribute the income from dues and new members over the year instead having all the funds from dues available in June, July, and August, as it was in the past. For those who joined after Jul 1st, 2021; their membership year is to the end of the same month one year later as stated in the left column of the newsletter. That leaves the bulk of those who normally paid dues in May through July to be worked with. Many of these have had their membership extended to a later month. We also hope to eliminate any dues in December. In no case will a member be shorted. If you have questions, please call.

For those interested in fly fishing; Mr. Dale Huggins, a professional fly-casting instructor, has offered to conduct training for youths at no charge. He also trains adults but expects compensation for that.

Contact him at, 804-690-8485, for more information. Training can be at the club, and who knows but you may latch onto one of the hybrid bluegills in our pond.

Those who frequent the rifle and pistol range know how overgrown the berms are with shrubs and small trees. We will organize a clean-up day for after the leaves fall and provide hotdogs, chips, and soda for participants. Notification will be by email and the website.  

The two trees, just north and south of the club house are dying and must be removed. If a club member wants them for firewood contact the club and arrange a day and time for removal.

The parking area at the skeet field is being expanded and new gravel is down on most of the roads and parking areas.

We support the FFA shooting programs for several high schools in the area and State Fair Community College. Check the website for the shooting schedule; there may be an opportunity to come out and shoot trap or skeet on those days; call the club, we might fit you in.

If you are no longer an active club member, please contact the club to be removed from the mailing list.  

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