Pistol & Rifle Range

Located east of the Clubhouse down the gravel road and exclusive only to Sedalia Rod and Gun Club Members; we offer two 25, a 50 and a 100-yard range, with covered shooting benches, for centerfire and rimfire weapons. As with the rest of the club, you will encounter members with the same interest as you from hunting to benchrest shooting. Although the range activity increases prior to the Missouri Firearms Deer Season, you will often find the range all to yourself.  Access is normally though the west entrance and past the trap and skeet ranges.  On Wednesday and Sunday this access is blocked and the north gate is open.  The gate is at the intersection of Spring Fork and Gun Club roads.

One big advantage or our rifle and pistol range is we do not have a Range Officer. If you wish to practice defensive pistol and drawing from concealment, you are free to do so. Likewise, you can practice your rifle skills to simulate hunting situations and various shooting positions as well. We do expect you to conduct yourself in a safe manner by following the Firearm Safety Rules and Range Rules at all times plus to always be courteous toward other members using the range. As always, please check the calendar for any organizations or classes that might be using the range for that day.
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