Club Rules and Regulations


1. Never point the gun at something you don’t want to destroy.
2. Always keep the muzzle pointed downrange.
3. Never let your muzzle sweep you or anyone at any time.
4. Always treat every gun as if it were loaded.
5. Always keep your finger out of the trigger guard until ready to fire.
6. Be sure your gun is safe to operate.
7. Use only correct ammunition for your gun.
8. Always make sure the barrel is free of obstructions.
9. Never rely on your firearm’s safety.
10. Never take chances with a loaded firearm.


1. Never discharge a firearm in such a manner that the point of impact will be outside the perimeter of the range that you are using.
2. Always inform the Firing Line when you want to go downrange or commence firing.
3. Always open actions and unload firearms when someone goes downrange.
4. Never handle firearms while there are people downrange.
5. Firearms must be unloaded and have the action open when behind the Firing Lines or when moving from station to station.
6. Always wear ear and eye protection while on Firing Line. Spectators are also encouraged to wear these protective devices.
7. Be aware of your target and what is behind it. You are responsible for every round you fire. Be aware of other member’s locations.
8. Be courteous and aware of others fear’s of poor gun handling. If someone asks you not to do something because of the perceived danger, (whether real or false) acknowledge the situation and take steps to help alleviate their anxiety.
9. Remove all targets and trash when finished shooting. Do your part to leave the range better than you found it.
10. Do not discard misfires or live rounds by tossing them in the grass or in the trash containers. This practice could result in serious injury to personnel participating in range cleanup while cutting the grass or burning the trash.
11. Do not shoot the posts.
12. No glass targets or any type of exploding targets allowed.


1. Absolutely no alcohol, drugs or marijuana are allowed on the Club property.
2. Safety standards will be adhered to at all times.
3. You must have your membership card with you and readily presentable if asked.
4. No non-members are allowed unless they are a guest and in the company of a member in good standing. Members will be held accountable for their guest’s actions.
5. Hunting is not allowed on the Club’s property. Many wildlife species use our shooting ranges as habitat.
6. Shooting hours are from sunrise to sunset unless otherwise noted.
7. This is your Club. It is your responsibility to keep it clean so please pick up after yourself.
8. The Club is not liable for accidents due to member negligence.
9. Persons using the Club facilities shall drive at a safe speed not exceeding 15 mph and only on established roads.
10. Any violation of Club rules may call for disciplinary action by the Board of Directors and may include: (a) a warning, (b) loss of privilege to use ranges, (c) revocation of membership in Sedalia Rod and Gun Club, (d) if violation warrants, information will be turned over to proper authorities for prosecution.
11. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
12. Obey the Firearm Safety Rules and Range Rules at all times.