Important Changes To The Rifle & Pistol Ranges


 Club members will need to bring their own target stands to use when they plan to utilize the rifle and pistol ranges.  We realize the inconvenience this may cause initially but long term, it will be better for members as you will always have a way to attach your targets to a backstop that is in good shape.  The important thing to remember is to always make sure your stands are placed in front of the berms. 

We hope moving forward that as a member, should you see someone else not being respectful of the club’s facilities or toward other members, you either say something or get their name and bring it to the attention of the Board so the situation can be dealt with.  Those are not the type of members we want at our club and if they are non-members, we want to clearly let them know trespassing will not be tolerated.

Here are some links showing various ways to build target stands using different materials:

Here are a couple of videos as well:

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