Club Membership:

Rules & Regulations

All members are REQUIRED to carry their cards with them when at the club.  Also, as a club member, it is your right and duty to police your club.  Non-members are trespassing and need to be asked to leave unless they are a guest with a card carrying member.

The clubhouse is available for shooting events only starting January 1, 2019     


*Click Here For Important Information Regarding The Rifle & Pistol Ranges!*



The club is maintained by an all volunteer staff from the president to lawn care.  It is the endeavor of the board of directors to see that the Sedalia Rod & Gun Club is maintained to your expectations.   

If you have the time or expertise to help with some of the projects at the club be sure to let us know.

Please help us  maintain your club.

Club yearly dues  are $50.00  (Cash or check only).

New member initiation fee of $50.00 and yearly dues are $50.00.  New members will be charged $100.00 for the first year (Cash or check only).

As of November 1, 2018  the Sedalia Rod & Gun Club will not charge the $50.00 initiation fee for active duty military personnel.  The $ 50.00 per year membership still applies.         You must present your identification card at the time of application for membership.


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