Club Membership:

Rules & Regulations

All members are REQUIRED to carry their cards with them when at the club.  Also, as a club member, it is your right and duty to police your club.  Non-members are trespassing and need to be asked to leave unless they are a guest with a card carrying member.


You can now order t-shirts and shooting shirts with the gun club logo from EMBROIDERY BY BETTY.  Jim Miller and Bob Camden have shirts that you can look at.  The address is:
Betty Havens
332 W. Chase
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: 309-833-1974 or 309-221-1974

The clubhouse is available for use by members for receptions, dinners, meetings or parties.  The standard fees for use of the facilities by Club members who have paid their $40.00 dues are:
Clubhouse rental:  $50.00    


*Click Here For Important Information Regarding The Rifle & Pistol Ranges!*

The following was posted in our April Newsletter and I believe it’s important enough to keep readily available for all to see.  It’s a strong reminder for current members and great information for potential members.

 MAINTAINING CLUB FACILITIES:  It was reported at the meeting that the rifle and pistol range posts and belts have been destroyed.  This prompted me to give some thought to our club facilities.  Who owns the Sedalia Rod and Gun Club?  The answer is that the Club belongs to the members.  The members own the Club.  Who operates the Club?  Members operate the Club.  There is only one paid employee of the Club and that is the lady who keeps the place clean.  Everything else is done by volunteers.  All of the board members are volunteers.  The people who run the derby on Sunday and Wednesday, who collect the money, keep score and load the traps are all volunteers.  The person who collects your dues and manages the finances of the Club is a volunteer.  When we have holiday dinners at the Club, the people who work in the kitchen to cook the turkeys and the hams are all volunteers.  Those folks who work to conduct our registered shoots are once again volunteers.  The people who built the new skeet and trap ranges and the new scoring stands and new benches were volunteers.  When you shoot and throw your hulls or your brass on the ground and leave them there, the person who picks them up for you will be a volunteer.  The person who does your newsletter is a volunteer.  The people who will now have to rebuild the facilities at the rifle and pistol ranges will be volunteers.  So, when you use the facilities of your club, take care of them.  Clean up after yourself.  Pick up hour hulls and your brass.  If you break something, see that it gets fixed.  Don’t tear something up and just go off and leave it.  Better yet, volunteer some of your time to make the Sedalia Rod and Gun Club a better place! 

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