Announcements & Events

The reservation on the 100-yard for Apr 1st is CANCELLED. The range is OPEN for membership use.

At the February Board of Directors meeting, Toni Jones was appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as the Club Secretary. Troy Wilson was selected to replace Brett Roquet on the Board; Bob Spears was selected to serve as Vice President and Clyde Peer will remain as President.

The annual Voters Meeting was held on February 13th; marijuana was added to the items forbidden on Club property.

We are making progress on the goal of increased security of the Gun Club. There will be a controlled access gate at the west entrance. There are many details to be worked out, but the system will include a card reader. This card will replace the current membership card, initial cost of the card will be included in your membership but replacing lost or damaged cards will be at a cost to be determined by the Board of Directors. As usual, the gates will be open on days of scheduled events.


Club House hours: 9 AM-3PM Wednesday & Sunday

CCW Classes: Stefanie Aziere-Sattler has agreed to conduct classes at the Club. You may contact her at 660-221-7792 or for more information. Forty rounds of ammunition required.

We are currently shooting the derby at NOON on Wednesdays and Sundays until further notice. Stay flexible because our schedule is weather driven!

We currently have 12 & 20 ga shells for use at the club.



We shoot a 100-target derby on the first Wednesday of each month, weather permitting. Also, on Wednesday we will stay open as long as someone wants to shoot. If you do want to shoot after 3PM please call the club with number of shooters and approximate time and we will be there. We shoot a 50-target derby on Sundays and all other Wednesdays. Skeet shooting is available on both days and those shooters tend to start by 8AM in hot weather.


1st, Saturday: 4-H .22 rifle, archery & trap, 8 AM – Noon.

5th, Wednesday: 100-bird derby at noon.

10th, Monday: CPR training, will be in the evening, time to be determined. Open to members, there will be a charge for the proficiency card.

15th, Saturday: 4-H .22 rifle, archery & trap, 8 AM – Noon.

16th, Sunday: Board Meeting, 8:30 AM.

17th, Monday: Target delivery, 9 AM.

20th, Thursday: 4-H .22 rifle, trap, 6 PM – 8 PM.

22nd, Saturday: Club house reserved by Katy Park Baptist Church from 11AM – 2 PM. This group will use the skeet range during this period.

22nd, Saturday: 4-H .22 rifle, archery & trap, 8 AM – Noon.

27th, Thursday: 4-H .22 rifle, trap, 6 PM – 8 PM.

29th, Saturday: Back-up date for Katy Park Baptist Church

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