Important Changes To The Rifle & Pistol Ranges

Over the years, the Sedalia Rod & Gun Club has always tried to maintain the rifle and pistol ranges with adequate backstops to put your targets on.  Unfortunately, the various approaches and materials we’ve tried never seems to last as people, for whatever reason, deem it necessary to shoot and destroy the posts therefore making the backstops unuseable for our members.  Since our club is based on volunteer help, there is no way to possibly have an individual policing the range during club hours to ensure this type of destructive behavior doesn’t happen.  It also isn’t fair for the select few volunteer members who try to maintain the range to constantly take time from their busy schedules to keep fighting a losing battle.  For example, posts were replaced on the pistol range and within 5 days, they were completely destroyed rendering the backstop all but useless.  This is wasted money the club could better utilize in other places. 

We sincerely hope it’s not members or their guest doing such things as we would like to believe our members are of better character than that and would hold themselves to higher standards.  Sadly, we have no way of knowing for sure.  Our anticipation of expanding the ranges early next year providing the approval of grants we’re applying for also has caused us concern in dealing with this situation as more ranges will only equal more problems. 

With that being said, when the current posts and backstops have been damaged beyond use, they will be removed completely and not replaced.  Members will need to bring their own target stands to use when they plan to utilize the rifle and pistol ranges.  We realize the inconvenience this may cause initially but long term, it will be better for members as you will always have a way to attach your targets to a backstop that is in good shape.  The important thing to remember is to always make sure your stands are placed in front of the berms. 

We hope moving forward that as a member, should you see someone else not being respectful of the club’s facilities or toward other members, you either say something or get their name and bring it to the attention of the Board so the situation can be dealt with.  Those are not the type of members we want at our club and if they are non-members, we want to clearly let them know trespassing will not be tolerated.

Here are some links showing various ways to build target stands using different materials:

Here are a couple of videos as well:


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