Weather permitting, the painting of the Club house and other buildings is scheduled for Oct 5th and 8th. The concrete work was finished on the 24th and 25th of Sep. When all work is complete, new photographs will be taken and the website updated.

The Club is negotiating with T&S Solutions to provide Basic Firearms Safety and Concealed Carry training at the club. They will conduct one free Firearms Safe Handling class on Saturday, Oct 10th; check the website for detailed information.

There will be a .22 rimfire match on the 100 yard range; Saturday, Oct 17th; registration at 9 A.M., with shooting to start at 10 A.M. There is a $35.00 entry fee except ladies and persons under 16 will shoot free.

If you want to learn to shoot trap and skeet, or have a youngster who does, the Club remains open Wednesdays until after 6 P.M. The shooting conditions are often better in the evening. We can dedicate a field to the beginner with a coach.

Check the Club’s website frequently for news of upcoming events, it is simply the easiest way to disseminate information.

Unfortunately we are still experiencing miner vandalism on the rifle/pistol ranges. Please report any such events to Clyde Peer, 660-441-3542 so repairs can be scheduled.

You may email suggestions or comments for improvements to the Club.

Because of the Covid 19 situation our Thanksgiving and Christmas potluck suppers are cancelled this year.

Remember that the office is only open on Wednesday and Sunday and because this is a shooting club the phone may not be answered. If you must contact the Club on Wednesdays or Sundays call or text Clyde Peer at 660-441-3542 and he will get back to you ASAP.

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