JULY 2020

We have had several new members express interest in archery. Those interested in getting organized to have archery events should contact the club through email.  We can identify members whose interests, as expressed on the membership application, are similar and help you get organized.  We do have a dedicated area that is mowed and used primarily by the 4-H.

The IDPA style pistol matches are held on the third Sunday of the month, times are posted on the website.  Come out and watch a match.    

The concrete work and painting of facilities are delayed to early July, expect some inconvenience once that work starts.

The Club remains open Wednesdays after 3PM, it is a good time to come and see the changes as well as shoot skeet and trap.  The shooting conditions are often better in the evening. 

Tuesday is mowing and edging day for the area surrounding the clubhouse, trap and skeet fields, archery range, and the north edge of the pond.  This effort normally includes the access road to the rifle range, including the north gate.  This is accomplished by a small group of members who simply decided to keep the place looking good. Anyone interested in helping feel free to join.

Remember that the membership year ended Jun 30 for 2019-2020.

The new membership year starts Jul 1st 2020 and we currently have 500 + members.  As usual those who have not renewed their membership by  Sep 1 are considered non-members and will be dropped from the club roster.  Regaining active member status is only by paying back dues or joining as a new member which includes the $50.00 initiation fee plus $50.00 dues.

The Club is still accepting orders for reloading supplies through Graf’s.   Orders can be placed at the club. Orders need to be in during the last week of the month for delivery during the first week of the next month. Payment is upon pickup at the clubhouse. The club stocks limited supplies of #7.5 and #8 shot, Win 209 primers, and Claybuster 1 and 1-1/8 oz 12 ga wads.

For those who fish in the lake, a reminder to stay on the graveled parking area, observe the “Stay off the Grass” signs. The ground is too soft to get closer to the lake.

Dumpsters on club property are place there for your convenience and are to be used to dispose of shooting waste only.  Please pick up your debris when finished shooting. There have been a lot of shotgun hulls left on the ranges lately.

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