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Concealed Carry Classes:

 Are you curious as to what it takes to get a Missouri Concealed Carry endorsement?  Just click on the following link to see some of the most frequently asked questions ranging from training to renewal.

What are the requirements to get a CCW

For classes with Heartland CCW, the following guidelines apply:
• Class fee:

    $85.00 your weapons

    $115.00 our weapons

• A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 due 2 weeks prior to class date.
• Class size is limited to 20 people.
• There are NO caliber restrictions.
• 50 practice rounds fired from both pistol and revolver is required.
• 20 rounds to qualify for both pistol and revolver at 21 ft shooting at a B27 Target.  15 hits with each weapon in the silhouette portion is the minimum passing score.
• Class begins at 8am and with at least 8 hours of class/ range time.  1 hour break for lunch around noon.  More time may be needed depending on class size/experience level.

Please contact for more information:

Contact Mike Jenkins at 660-620-6453 or you can also visit the website at for  more info and class dates.


For classes with Earl Cadle, the following guidelines apply:
• Class fee is $100.00 with a non-refundable deposit of $25.00 due 30 days prior to class date.
• Class size is limited to 10 people
• Require 140 rounds of ammo with no caliber restrictions
• 50 practice rounds fired from both pistol and revolver is required
• 20 rounds to qualify with both pistol and revolver at 21 ft shooting at a B27 Silhouette Target requiring minimum 75% hit ratio to pass.
• Class begins at 8am and runs for at least 8 hours. More time may be needed depending on size/experience level of participants.
• Will have one hour for lunch.

Please contact Earl to schedule your CCW classes:

660–473-6949 or 660-473-9255 or

Personal Protection & Firearms Training Classes:

We are excited to offer various protection and training classes this year.  These classes are presented by Earl Cadle who is an NRA Certified Instructor.  You can visit Earl’s website at and click on the “courses” link to access information describing each course plus the cost and requirements needed.

Earl B. Cadle – Instructor          contact  660–473-6949 or 660-473-9255 or

Hunter Education Classes:

Hunters born on or after January 1, 1967 must complete an approved hunter education program and show their card or verify certification through the permit vendor’s computer terminal. Those under age 11 cannot obtain hunter education certification and thus cannot purchase regular firearms deer or turkey hunting permits. They may purchase Youth Deer and Turkey Hunting Permits and Youth Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits without being hunter education certified.

Reservations for Hunter Education need to be made by contacting the Missouri Department of Conservation at 660-530-5500

• The class hours are 6pm – 10pm on Friday and 8am – 4pm Saturday and held at the Clubhouse

Earl B. Cadle – Lead Instructor          contact:  660-473-6949 or 660-473-9255 or

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